A laser sharp brand platform for nJoy Vision.

As a full service ad agency with a proclivity for the creative and strategery sides of the business, there’s nothing we enjoy more than constructing a brand from the ground up. Hours of researching, brainstorming, sketching, strategizing, rationalizing, designing, writing, and revising culminated in a brand platform book that establishes the who, what, and why of nJoy Vision.

Setting the Slogan

Armed with set of pre-defined brand attributes and philosophies, i.e., advanced technology, unique co-management approach, fun, inviting, and charitable, we were able to shape a tagline that’s true to each and perfectly encompasses the nJoy Vision personality.

Putting It on Paper

Putting pencil to paper is real and raw and integral to creating a well-rounded identity. Using the words Fresh and Perspective as a starting point, we branched out from there to identify potential visual components of the tangible brand.

Thinking out Loud

An additional step of free sketching and thought-jotting allows us to explore, visualize, and refine an array of new ideas and concepts as quickly as they’re formed. No stone unturned.

Playing with Shapes

Early on in the concepting stage, we had a recurring idea that we couldn’t seem to shake. A few crude iterations on a sketchpad was all it took to see it was an approach worth refining.

Legitimizing the Letterforms

A truly unique mark comes from taking control of each individual element, including its typeface. For nJoy, we started with a modern, playful san serif and tweaked it just enough to make it truly unique to our four letter arrangement.

For the Love of Coloration

A strict and purposeful color palette is one of the keys to solidifying a powerful brand. For nJoy, we created a custom color that represents a clear view of a perfectly clear day. And then we named the colors to make them ours.

Integrity Through Typography

Few things affect the overall look, feel, and consistency of a brand more than its typography. Defining font selections and their intended uses helps preserve brand integrity across all platforms.

The Finished Product

A carefully crafted brand platform that reverberates with depth and color to convey nJoy’s core attributes and inviting personality.

The Alternates

Our job doesn’t end with a single, primary logo. To satisfy any number of potential uses, we extended the nJoy brand platform to include one-color primary and secondary logo versions.