It’s all about the relationship.

Through our in-depth DIG Discovery process that includes interviews and group discussions with key stakeholders, we were able to unearth the brand attributes that make Liberty tick. The attribute that surfaced at every turn was Liberty’s focus on relationships.

We Built a Pyramid

Because a truly intelligent brand is one that’s backed by rationale, we took our DIG findings and filtered them through a brand triangle. This gave us fodder to craft a compelling and truthful core value, which served as the genesis for the positioning statement and tagline.

“Relationships are our strength and people are our assets.”

A Standing and Upright Position

The space, niche, or purpose a brand fills in the consumer’s mind is often defined by a positioning statement. Liberty’s is about as real as a positioning statement can get.

Liberty National Bank is a real for real people. A bank you can trust in and grow with. We believe in hard work, can-do attitudes, and helping people get ahead.

Talk with the Tagline

With the Liberty tagline, we wanted to speak directly to the audience by making a statement that addresses the trials and tribulations of rural American with the optimism of the Oklahoma spirit.

The Colors of Liberty

A brand’s personality should be reflected in its primary colors, but, with a name like Liberty, there’s simply no escaping a red, white and blue color scheme. To convey Liberty’s Americana spirit, we opted for a softer, more organic palette than the traditional patriotic hues.

Choose Your Type

A well-planned typographic style is an important aspect of an intelligent brand identity. For Liberty, we chose two different font families for visual contrast and interest. The primary type is a timeless serif font with stunning italics. A contemporary sans serif serves an important complementary role.

Roughing It

The evolution of the Liberty logo began with free-form sketching and fluid thinking. The variance from first concept to finished product is night and day, but the influence one had on the other is evident.

Our Symbol of Liberty

The Liberty National Bank logo is the sum of its well-defined parts. Ordered, organic, and honest.

Second to One

Due to intricacy or orientation, sometimes a primary logo isn’t the best option for a specific usage. In these rare instances, secondary marks can be used to get the job done without alienating brand guidelines.

Snapshots of Americana

To unequivocally tie Liberty to the land and people of rural Oklahoma, we sought out imagery that exudes the American ethos. Inspired by scenes of trust, character, and hard work, our photographic style perfectly completes the Liberty look and feel.