40 years of proving that size doesn’t matter.

As an ad shop, Traction is relatively small but incredibly powerful.

Traction may be new to you, but we’ve actually been around awhile.

Like, 40 years awhile.

Our people are the perfect mix of visionaries and pragmatists. Boomers and millennials who love what they do and do it daily.

We’re digitally enabled, marketing minded, and insanely talented. And we do it all from a bright, bold warehouse that’s as playful as it is practical.

For decades we’ve shown our clients why an ad agency’s size is less important than its results. We’ve built our legacy on performance, passion, and the pursuit of the singular idea. Plus a little fun on the side.

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships and staying ahead of the curve. Above all, we have the experience and vision to help you grow market share and connect with your customers.

The Warehouse

Our place reflects our business approach: bright, bold, playful and practical.

Traction’s headquarters is a renovated warehouse with a blast proof room and concrete facade.

It’s an expansive environment where no idea is too big and no detail is too small. It’s been called a futuristic bomb shelter, a creative incubator, and a post modern industrial something-or-other.

We simply call it Warehouse127, and when that garage door goes up in the morning, it’s our time to shine.

Warehouse 127

Our People

Get to know these people.
They are Traction.

Ours is a group of individuals who see every day as an opportunity to create something more.

We’re experienced veterans and early adopters. Creative types and data sifters. Media buyers and pixel pushers.

And together, we believe that what we do is hands down the best job in the world.

Tyler Smith - President of Traction

Tyler Smith


Randy Nichols - Account Executive at Traction

Randy Nichols

VP/Account Executive

Tanner Tate - Creative Director at Traction

Tanner Tate

Creative Director

Marsha Ramee - Media Director at Traction

Marsha Ramée

VP/Media Director

Aaron Dickey - Designer at Traction

Aaron Dickey


Randall McMaster - Designer at Traction

Randall McMaster


Melissa Fletcher - Bookkeeper at Traction

Melissa Fletcher


We're here to create something more.

We don't just design logos, build websites, shoot commercials, and make ads.

Our Services

All agencies, marketing groups, and creative shops have services. Traction does too.

We just present ours a bit differently. Instead of a list that tells you what we want you to think we do, we’d rather tell you exactly what we don’t do.

Why? Because that’s the best way to narrow us down. Drawing a line gives us the freedom to do the unexpected. To raise some eyebrows and disrupt the status quo.

This is how logos become brand platforms, simple print ads become springboards for cross-platform interactivity, and websites become immersive brand experiences.


We don’t design logos

We build intricate brand identities that push brands forward. We give them a foundation that fuels growth and evolution.


We don’t build websites

We architect interactive environments that connect audiences with brands. We emphasize meaningful UX, adaptable design, and cross-platform consistency.


We don’t shoot commercials

We tell compelling stories that move people to action. We use emotion and style to relate products and businesses to the world around us.


We don’t make ads

We orchestrate cross-platform marketing strategies that move people to action. We define, we target, we deploy, and we track.